Important Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Furniture Online

Buying furniture online is very different from physically visiting a showroom and choosing the desired piece. Online purchase decisions are reached on just a pictorial assessment of the furniture, without having a physical feel to confirm the features listed.

This, however, does not make the process a big risk, if the buyer knows what they are looking for, and how to go about the transactions.


Below are a number of tips to make online furniture purchase as smooth as a physical purchase.

1. Price

The biggest advantage of online shopping is the ease of comparing the prices of one dealer to the other. As a buyer you should take enough time to go through the many available online vendors, and compare the prices of the desired furniture, paying considerations to the quality.

Select the one with the budget that fits your financial plan, and don’t shy away from negotiating the price in the case where the vendor allows for it.

2. Look for the reviews page

Online shops for furniture have a reviews page, as a marketing strategy. In this part, you read the experience of other buyers who have bought from the vendor.

Moreover, the experience they had, from customer service to quality of the product. You should aim to choose the vendor with a close to 100% customer satisfaction rate.

3. Shipping costs

Most online shopping cost is inflated by shipping costs, especially for overseas vendors. Some vendors, however, subsidize the shipping costs for the customer or include it completely in the cost of the product.

Go for a vendor who either subsidizes the shipping costs or ships for free. The shipping information can be found in the FAQ section of most main online retailers.

4. Read the furniture descriptions

When doing online shopping for furniture, photos should be a guide to what the customer is buying, but do not stop at that. Every item has a detailed description, which explains the measurements, material used and in some cases how to take care of the item. The description is meant to ensure that the customer gets the exact item they are looking for.

5. Look for coupons and Sales

In a bid to boost sales, online retailers offer coupons to their customers, especially for regular customers. Sales are offers given out by a retailer to their clients, especially during important durations such as over Christmas holidays. Coupons and Sales are a way of clearing stocks, and buyers are able to get the same high-quality products at surprisingly low costs.

6. Ensure website security

With the increase of cybercrime, online shoppers are exposed to various threats such as identity theft. The easiest way to ensure security when checking the goods out with credit cards is shopping in known retailers, who have a good track record with customer details.

The website URL can also tip the buyer since secure sites have a secure protocol identifiably by ‘https’ as opposed to those with ‘http’ in their URL.


The above 6 pointers do not only increase the ease of shopping for furniture online but also ensures Cybersecurity of the shopper’s identity and money.

Designing Your Dream Garden – Think Again!

Big Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Garden

People all over love the idea of being creative and designing their garden space. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes that can make things turn out less than stellar. If you want to have a beautiful outdoor area, you should avoid all of the following errors.


Everyone wants their garden to look full and lush, but you want to give each of your plant’s space to breathe. When you are gardening it is suggested you leave a decent amount of space between each plant. Do not allow fear of ending up with too much empty space to guide your thought process since the result may be too many plants with too little space, and you need to leave adequate room for watering and cleaning pathways with an electric power washer.

Adding Clashing Furniture

When most people are designing a garden, they are so focused on all of the plants that they are a little lazy when it comes to choosing outdoor garden furniture. As a result, they end up with pieces that do not complement the garden in any way. The best way to avoid this would be to add furniture selection to your gardening plan.

Using Too Many Accessories

One thing that can turn a decent garden into a circus is the appearance of too many accessories. These tend to detract from the plants, which would defeat the purpose of you doing so much work. Ideally, you should use the accessories to bring out the beauty of the plants, not battle for attention.

If you are thinking about planting a garden, it is important that you avoid making mistakes along the way. You do not want to invest a lot of time and hard work for nothing. Keep all of this advice in mind and you should be able to create an outdoor space that will be the talk of the neighbourhood.

Tubes & Hoses Summer Garden Tips

Summer Watering Tips for Your Garden

At All Tubes n Hoses we’re garden hose experts, and we’d like to share our recommendations with you to get the most out of your summer watering plan.

Tip 1 – do your sprinkling at night.  This is when it is coolest, and that way the water gets an opportunity to soak down into the soil, instead of evaporating under a hot sun,

Tip 2 – set-up at the top of the hill.  If your garden is on a gradient, be sure to set your lawn sprinklers up at the top of the hill, and then allow gravity to distribute the water across your lawn.

Tip 3 – do not wait until your lawn goes brown.  Get watering early, and don’t wait until your lawn starts turning brown, as by this time, its likely to be too late.