5 Ways in Which Pruning Shears Help You to Prune a Tree

Every avid gardener should have at least one set of pruning shears to complete the gardening process. These shears help the person shape the bushes and trees into aesthetically appealing figures. If you are planning on buying a set of pruning shears for your garden check mytoolsgallery.com, you need to choose a wholesome set that contains shears with various handle lengths. The most popular hand pruning shears can help you prune trees in the following ways.

1. Extend The Effective Cutting Length

The hand pruning shears come in various handle length sizes. The ones that are meant to prune tree branches feature extra-long handles so that you can extend your cutting length. These pruning shears can easily reach high branches for the pruning purposes. You don’t need to install a ladder to climb up a tree in order to prune the most annoying branches with these shears.

2. Prune Without the Risk of Spoiling the Shear

Pruning shears are made from various types of materials. The most popular materials used to manufacture the shear include steel and stainless steel. Very high-quality shears are made from titanium. These pruning shears often feature a waterproof coating to prevent any damage due to rusting of the metallic element. The stainless steel pruning shear is the most affordable set of shears that you can get to avoid any potential risk of rusting.

3. Put in a Less Effort for Pruning

The pruning shears are designed in a way that puts the fulcrum at a specific point. The location of this fulcrum ensures that you don’t have to spend a lot of energy in pruning a small branch. The fulcrum is strategically placed to ensure that you can easily reach the highest branches and prune them without putting excessive weight on your shoulders.

4. Prune Thick Branches Easily

The pruning shears used to prune a bonsai tree or a small bush is significantly different than the one used to prune a large tree branch. The latter uses a specific location of fulcrum that allows it to prune thick branches of the tree very effectively. If you do not choose your pruning shear wisely, you might have to invest in a chainsaw or a wooden saw to get rid of slightly thicker branches on the tree. You also need to sharpen the edges of the shears regularly to ensure that they retain their cutting power for a longer period.

5. Handle the Pruned Branches Effectively

Some tree pruning shears feature an attachment that can hold the pruned branches for disposal. These attachments make sure that the pruned branches do not fall into your neighbour’s garden. The attachments can be removed or installed within seconds as per your requirements.

Investing in high-quality pruning shears will save a lot of money over time since you won’t have to invest in getting the blades sharpened frequently. Also, these shears will resist damage and rust for a longer period.