Designing Your Dream Garden – Think Again!

Big Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Garden

People all over love the idea of being creative and designing their garden space. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes that can make things turn out less than stellar. If you want to have a beautiful outdoor area, you should avoid all of the following errors.


Everyone wants their garden to look full and lush, but you want to give each of your plant’s space to breathe. When you are gardening it is suggested you leave a decent amount of space between each plant. Do not allow fear of ending up with too much empty space to guide your thought process since the result may be too many plants with too little space, and you need to leave adequate room for watering and cleaning pathways with an electric power washer.

Adding Clashing Furniture

When most people are designing a garden, they are so focused on all of the plants that they are a little lazy when it comes to choosing outdoor garden furniture. As a result, they end up with pieces that do not complement the garden in any way. The best way to avoid this would be to add furniture selection to your gardening plan.

Using Too Many Accessories

One thing that can turn a decent garden into a circus is the appearance of too many accessories. These tend to detract from the plants, which would defeat the purpose of you doing so much work. Ideally, you should use the accessories to bring out the beauty of the plants, not battle for attention.

If you are thinking about planting a garden, it is important that you avoid making mistakes along the way. You do not want to invest a lot of time and hard work for nothing. Keep all of this advice in mind and you should be able to create an outdoor space that will be the talk of the neighbourhood.