Houston Home – When The Inside Matches The Outside

So often we will see homes that look amazing inside, from the foyer to the bedrooms and beyond. The owners spend a lot of time and money on interior design and even the feng shui of the entire interior. Yet, outside we see dead bushes, patches of missing grass, fallen over trees, and missing fence or cracked driveways. In other cases, it’s the opposite. There would be a beautiful pathway in the front along with a nice, flourishing garden in the backyard. Yet, the interior will be in shambles.

What happens when the interior doesn’t match the exterior is that it messes with the ensemble of the entire home. Whether it’s just living quarters or it’s a property on the market, when there’s this type of mismatch it’s almost like the yin yang are not fitting together and something seems terribly off. There’s a psychology to it that literally affects the way we perceive the property. Something that seems to have a pattern then is disrupted, it almost feels like it’s out of place or something is missing.


The worst is when you are looking to purchase a home, and you see these things occurring. “Ah, this home must be beautiful, just look at how much attention they put into their front yard”, you think. And then you’re introduced to the innards of the home, and things are in disarray, there’s missing paneling, and the wooden floors are warped. It throws your entire perception off! This is also one of those times when a home could really benefit from home insurance.


When it comes to preparing a home for sale, whether it’s via a real estate agent or trying to maximize your contract on an investor or wholesaler, appearances are very important to the perception of value. Even a quick coat of paint on the exterior will make the home look exponentially better. Making a positive first impression will go a long way in the entire process, even if the interior is less than superb. But we must not forget how important it is to at least have demonstrable staging rooms that resemble something that the buyer would be able to envision in their mind. If all they see are boxes, things strewn all over the place, dirty pots and pans in the kitchen, and hanging drawers then it makes it harder for them to imagine themselves purchasing the property, and it certainly gives you a more difficult time getting closer to your asking price.


Some basic measures can be taken to really improve the inside and outside perception of a home when preparing it for sale, or just having it as your HQ in general. Keep the lawn trimmed, pressure wash every now and then, and try to remove any debris that may come to your lawn if you happen to be on a major or busy road. Additionally, you may want to keep some regular maintenance on the roof. Try to keep the interior relatively clean with some regular cleaning schedules. If you’re preparing to put the house on the market, you can have a one-time cleaning crew come in for a residential deep clean. They’ll take care of all types of floors, including carpet shampoo and cleaning, then they’ll go through all the crevices and grout to make sure they’re as close as possible to new. This will go a long way into making the interior look as if its new, which will ultimately keep requirements of renovation or replacement out of the minds of the buyers, and give you more leverage when negotiation price. It’ll also help with the photos that are taken and listed on MLS by the agent. You may want to go the extra mile and make sure that they’re taking proper pictures that really capture the space in the rooms, use proper lighting, and even use drone photos when taking a picture of the exterior for maximum effect. If you’re looking into selling to a house wholesaler, you may want to check out Sell My House Easy Fast (https://sellmyhouseeasyfast.com).