During early times, there was the use of wagon canopies but since the inception of aluminium ute canopies, its market has greatly improved as many owners of off-road vehicles need it for use during their adventures or weekends for their camping purposes.

There are different companies which design and build an aluminium canopy and the customer has to decide on which to purchase depending on the need. Aluminium has been considered the best metal to use in building them because it gives a light and strong canopy. Aluminium ute canopies have the following merits:

  • Its design improves the companie’s image
  • Has the best locking devices and alarms making it so secure
  • It has bigger doors and hatches which allows easy access
  • Flexible as it has different designs depending on your need.

How to select the best canopy

The process of deciding on the canopy to use on your four-wheel drive vehicle can be quite involved since there are many options to choose from and the build costs vary considerably, so the choice depends so much on your needs and the purpose for which the ute canopy will be used.  Therefore when looking for the best ute canopy, the following should be considered:

Weight – this is the most challenging issue when off-road, you have to decide on whether you want, or need, to avoid unnecessary loads.

Design – If you want it constructed specifically for your needs, you have to decide on which design of the canopy works for you depending on the application.  A simple design also cuts on the cost of construction.

Quality Material – the materials you use for the construction matters as you want to ensure the material you choose is good quality and corrosion resistant.

Price – if the cost of constructing a new ute canopy is high and you cannot afford it, you can opt to purchase a second hand ute canopy which can be repaired or refitted to meet your needs.  Some canopy set-ups can make you shy off them but although their cost is comparable to a small caravan or compact camper trailer; they are lighter and more versatile when it comes to off-road adventures.


Utes are growing rapidly in the market because of their sheer versatility, performance, and increased space they provide for storing your stuff. Make a good choice and you will surely enhance your touring and camping experiences for the whole family.