Top 10 Dash Camera Reviews

Buying a dash cam for your car is a great investment considering how little they cost these days. You can pick one up for as little as fifty bucks or a few hundred. What usually separates the disparity in price are the features and the quality of the camera. Also, some are two channel where you have the ability to record footage from the rear of the car as well, which is a great asset as it can capture both potential vandalism or a rear impact from another vehicle or object.

Dash cams have many uses and for the most part, they are used for security. If you are worried about vandalism, then having a dash cam that records motion or constantly records while it is parked have a great advantage so that you can capture the perpetrators doing the damage. In this case you should make sure you get a dash cam that has good resolution, at least 1080p. Anything less and the image quality could be grainy and unidentifiable. This is especially important for license plates where someone may back up into your car and drive off.

What are the Top Dash Cams?

If you go look for dash cam reviews online you will find that almost every review site has different opinions of what the top dash cameras are. If they were to rate them on just one function then yes the assessment would be quite clear. But since they vary so much in terms of features, it is really difficult to rate them.

So What is the Best Dash Cam for Your Car?

Deciding on the best dash cam for your car depends on what it is that you are looking for and what feature is most important to you. If you just want basic coverage to capture a possible hit and run accident, then spring for a basic cam with limited features but has at least good resolution to capture the incident clearly.

If rear coverage is important to you, then you will need a 2 channel dash cam. This will ensure that any occurrences that happen at the back of the car will be captured but keep in mind that if the cam does not have motion detection enabled, then it wont record anything when the car is off and parked. Keep this mind.

Whatever it is that you want a dash cam for, there are plenty of options. Just read some good reviews and narrow it down to a few then do some more research on those models.