Tubes & Hoses Summer Garden Tips

Summer Watering Tips for Your Garden

At All Tubes n Hoses we’re garden hose experts, and we’d like to share our recommendations with you to get the most out of your summer watering plan.

Tip 1 – do your sprinkling at night.  This is when it is coolest, and that way the water gets an opportunity to soak down into the soil, instead of evaporating under a hot sun,

Tip 2 – set-up at the top of the hill.  If your garden is on a gradient, be sure to set your lawn sprinklers up at the top of the hill, and then allow gravity to distribute the water across your lawn.

Tip 3 – do not wait until your lawn goes brown.  Get watering early, and don’t wait until your lawn starts turning brown, as by this time, its likely to be too late.

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